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Monday, June 12, 2006


Happy Anniversary To Me.

I think I passed my one year milestone with a whimper, not a bang. Meh

I'm like that. Dates don't mean much to me. hell, remembering to blog at all is a milestone in my life, so the one year mark passed me by unlamented and unnoticed. In other news though, I have sun. I have a tan. I have flowers! I may even (if the gods are kind) manage to salvage my lawn from the destruction of the last two years of construction, and the havoc that was caused by trailers, loaders, and lumber being stacked on the front lawn.

That's what I did this weekend, gardened, gardened, gardened. We have a very brief season here, and my skills... well I describe them as enthusiastic rather than knowledgeable, but I find something very soothing about sinking my hands into soil (no namby pamby gloves for this gal). My seedlings are robust by now, almost ready to put into pots, but this weekend I played landscaper. Both to the small amount of greenspace surrounding our office building, and to our own front lawn. It was a gloriously sunny weekend. Temperatures into the high 20s (that's about 75-80 to you F type people). I can't just sit and soak up the sun, I have to be doing something, whether it be pulling weeds, mowing, tilling, planting... must be doing something.

Also happening this week is the annual oilmens tradeshow. Busy time for us. Lots of entertaining and gadding about. I hope the weather holds.

Ciao bellas


Thursday, June 08, 2006


The Nature of Things.

Most of my imaginery (online) friends live in urban settings. So this post, Im sure, will draw a few oohs and awws.

I live surrounded by nature. To me it's not a wonderous thing to visit and admire on weekends, it's something that has to be dealt with every day. Take yesterday morning.

6:00am I wake up. This is unusual. I don't even wake up when the stupid smoke detector goes off becaues DHM is burning yet another aluminum tea kettle. So I wake up for no reason I can detect as yet... seeing as I'm awake I go potty. But I lay back in bed and start pondering why the hell I woke me up, cause I just don't wake up at 6am no matter how full my bladder may be (and it wasn't that full).

Ears are on alert. What roused me from my glorious needed sleep? I hear random tap thwack thunds... hmm perhaps the Spawn is up and about. Except I don't hear the comforting rhythm of his steps accompanying those odd thwacks... hmm not the spawn then. What could it be?

OMG! someone is in the house. That must have been what woke me. I heard the front door go, and now I'm hearing someone rustling through our stuff... not so. I get up to investigate, and just as I enter the living room I a see a bird make three fast runs at our living room window. Thunk, thunk, thunk.

Yes, yes, procede with your awws here. Stupid bloody bird. He's been making this same attempt for over a half hour by now with the same results. Being as I'm a compassionate person, I went and opened the window so whatever reflection he thought he was seeing would be obscured... It's 6:30 folks. I'm tired, and by now just a little testy. I go back to bed hoping to get another hours sleep. I hear several more thwacks and think 'fuck it', just die if you're that stupid.

haven't seen the Robin since, and no, there's no carcass unerneath the window. I checked.


Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Virgin State of Mind.

The waning blog posts, what can I say. I offered excuses upon excuses, but here's the real reason.

I've been watching the news. Worse! I've been taking it seriously. It starts so insidiously with me. A story will catch my attention during the 5 minute factoid on the radio. If it doesn't take too much time, effort or commitment, I'll look for more indepth details on the net. If it still interests me, I may mention it to DHM during the lunch hour. If he's interested enough we'll catch the evening news... that's how it starts.

Pretty soon I'm listening to full news broadcasts, and from there it doesn't take long until I'm watching or listening to at least 3 news broadcasts a day. And then the psychosis sets in and I start talking back to the news. Reporters are idiots, they don't ask at least three questions I need the answers to, if they ask any intelligent questions to the subject at all... (example of idiot question. Emergency response personel cleaning up after a disaster... reporter asks, Do you feel sorry for the families of these victims? My screaming response to the TV.. 'No you moron, I don't feel sorry for them at all. In fact if they weren't such cheap bastards (making them take the train, or live in a trailer) their loved ones would still be alive!) Seriously, how does any sentient being respond to such assinine questions?

Then we have lurid reporting or as I like to call it, the Valdez Supposition--always fun. A train derailment, a ferry collision, a domestic dispute, the reporter just has to get in that police have not ruled out Alcohol as a contributing factor. At the point in time of the report, the police haven't ruled out little green men from mars as a cause, but no, lets immediately speculate whether the perpetrator[s] had been drinking.

The result of my global edification is that after time it manages to suck every last bit of joy out of me. I can barely find humour let alone joy in life. That's when it's time for a vacation, preferably to some remote region of the world. That's when I get my attitude adjusted, and my perspective checked. Vacation for me is to escape the pit of the rat race I've fallen into. That the news has simply amplified. What are the trends, what I should eat, how much I should exercise, what I should be afraid of (apparently everything, including breathing). On vacation I come to understand that i can live quite happily in a thatched roof cottage, welcoming the geckos (they eat the other nasties), and my greatest concern is a cold beer in the hammock. Western news and concerns are a million miles away, and I'm content once more.

I come home refreshed and replenished, and full of life.

So guess what I'm doing for the next little while? Yep. Planning a vacation. Any destination ideas... must be warm and have a beach.

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