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Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Just Mumsy and Me

Xmas is almost over.

Most of my guests have departed. I have half a jigsaw to complete, the leftovers are dwindling (gasp, I may have to cook again soon) and Mumsy has a very nasty cold, the poor dear. Apart from the drop ins during the evening, it's just Mumsy and me in the house now. The spawn is generally off skidooing, and Dearest Husband of mine (who simply cannot be still) is about 'fixing' this and that.

Xmas was (still is) simply wonderful. The socialising that that occurs at this time of year has a very different 'feel' to it. Truly there is a goodwill toward men smell in the air. Our house has been barraged, almost nightly, with visitors popping in for some xmas cheer or just to get their asses kicked in a full-insult card game.

I appreciated (finally) the barn Dearest Husband built, because it allowed us to spread out into seperate areas of entertainment without tripping all over each other, yet still close enough that we could shout out to each other. Nice.

I hope everyone had a delightful Xmas, and that the time you spent with your nearest and dearest was as pleasant as mine.

Next up... Exercise January. Where I try to scale back this enormous ass I grew.


Wednesday, December 21, 2005


The Festival of Food

Feeding people apparently fulfills some deep rooted need in me to be content.

I have a houseful. I have a fully stocked fridge and freezer, so I'm happier than a pig in shit continually serving up snacks etal whilst we play cards, games, or do jigsaw puzzles.

Three of my favourite snackables are, Ham & Asparagus roll-ups. Cheeses and deli meats/sausages. And smoked salmon capers and cr cheese. yummmm. another quick and easy appetizer is those pre cooked meat balls and then just whip up a soy/brown sugar sauce and bake them. Of course there's also a gazillion 'throw in the oven' type hors d'ouvres out there as well.
And let's not count the amount of wee bowls scattered about the house containing nuts, trail mix, chocolates, cookies etc. LOL I love feeding people.
I'm beginning my Christmas Dinner menu, but apart from deciding on a buffet, which animals we'll be having for the ritual sacrifice, and a few pies, I'm drawing a blank. So far the head count for Xmas Dinner is 12 confirmed, that of course doesn't take into account whatever Christmas orphans may wander in at the last minute. Not a problem. Lack of food is not even a consideration. It's what food to serve?

So far I have.

Smallish Turkey w/stuffing and gravy
Middling sz Roast Beef (this is for me... not keen on two turkey dinners so close together)

Tossed Green Salad?

Honey Glazed Carrots

Cherry Pie
Pumpkin Pie
Butter tarts
Christmas Pudding (also for me. hey, it's my culture, man.)

So what Veggies do you serve with your festive meals? any ideas would be appreciated.


Friday, December 16, 2005


Honey, I'm Home!

Hey all.

I'm home after a whirlwind tour of Edmonton and Vancouver (and no, I didn't drive).

Got in some Xmas shopping and then went over to Vancouver to meet Mumsy off the plane from Australia. Delivered a parka to her and dragged her back to the the great white north for Christmas.

what else? well the Xmas concert was a raging success I hear. I wasn't there personally as I flew out the afternoon of the concert, but I'm told by those that attended it was wunnerful. sigh, after all my bitching I really really wish I'd been there to sing along with the rest of them.

The week before I left I had house guests so computer time was quite limited and devoted to writing and not my blog whoring ways.

I missed the season finale of Amazing Race, Survivor, and The Apprentice, after torturing myself all season by watching all three. How stupidly lame is that!?! Oh well, I'll cath up at Television Without Pity to find out how lame they all were and console myself that I really didn't miss much, right? Right! (man I must be tired because the word 'right' suddenly looks wrong, like some weird ass German word I may be channeling.)

better sign off before everything goes askew on me.

Ciao for now,


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