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Thursday, October 19, 2006


Bad Company.

Don't ever doubt the influence you have on your children.

Yesterday while doing schoolwork, The Spawn, had to write an assessment of the module he'd just completed for Language Arts (formerly known as English). It was a section on poetry and expressive writing. The Spawn doesn't like writing at the best of times. I should amend, he likes writing, but more as an artform--everything must be just so. But his written answering style is more monosyllabic, less being, well, less. Why use ten words when one will do?
Sadly, that much hasn't changed over the years. Teachers still want hundred word answers when five would suffice. So what did this chip off the old block answer when asked what he felt about the poetry module? (I won't even go into how painful it was to explain the need to express feelings in writing--he's a boy after all). His answer? "It's the best thing I've ever written."

Egotistical and sarcastic. Brings a proud tear to the eye doesn't it?


Oh...Oh...Oh...my...I literally snorted coffee up my nose when I read that.

That's truly priceless! Way to go, Spawn, aka "mini-x". :)
LMAO...are you sure you didn't do his homework for him? ;) Too funny.
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